What is Paleo?

What is Paleo?
First of all, Paleo isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle change. Many people turn to Paleo due to food allergies. If you think you may have food allergies, I recommend you remove certain food groups from your diet for a minimum of a 30 day period. Start with grains, then go to refined sugar and then dairy and alcohol. Taking small steps will lead to better results and get to the root of an allergy. Listen to how your body reacts. Specifically, pay close attention to your hair, skin, nails and gut issues. Keep an eye on how your sleep patterns change.
So that being said…..Paleo isn’t just for people with food allergies! Many athletes turn to Paleo because of the strength and energy they get from living the Paleo lifestyle. So if you just want to see how your body will react and find new strength through healthy food filled with nutrients follow these steps….remove all processed foods, grains, starchy vegetables, fake food, soy, corn, beans, dairy and alcohol. After 30 days on strict Paleo, you can reintroduce alcohol or some starchy vegetables to have a little balance. Paleo is “all the rage” because people are learning to listen to their bodies through using this nutritional healing.
There are tons of foods to choose from….
All grass fed meats, seafood, leafy greens and low starch veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy fats and oils.
Stay away from….
Pretend food (packed and processed), refined oils and sugar, beans, white potatoes and starchy veggies, dairy and alcohol.

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