Let us help you hit your health goals by providing 3 healthy meals a day. 

Breakfast $6 – Lunch $9 – Dinner $9

Prices are subject to increase if you are in “bulking” or “making gains” We can accommodate any diet/nutrition plan; always gluten free and as organic as possible.

Breakfast Examples $6

  • Egg cups w/protein pancakes
  • White pizza
  • Chorizo frittata
  • Fit Muffins with sausage

Lunch & Dinner Examples $6 each

  • Low carb tacos
  • Buffalo chicken casserole
  • Chicken caprese
  • Turkey fajita bake
  • Taco Pie
  • Turkey wraps w/ fruit compote or pepper salad
  • Ranch tuna/bacon salas w/ celery & almond butter
  • Curry chicken salad
  • Paleo chili