I’ve been a lover of food my whole life…the textures, tastes and smells! When I was diagnosed with MS in , my whole world fell apart. I had to re-learn how to EAT, COOK and LIVE!! I quickly learned that gluten was the enemy and not just for me, a celiac, but for so many. I also learned that not all gluten-free food is created equally. I was longing for delicious, homemade flavors of yesterday, but ones that are HEALTHY and NUTRITIOUS as well. I created Heather’s Way as an answer to all of this. To be the CELIAC STANDARD, requiring the purest, healthiest, organic, non-GMO ingredients I could find. All made in a GLUTEN-FREE FACILITY, ensuring quality, nutrition and TASTE. For the celiac, the gluten-challenged, and anyone who demands CLEAN SAFE FOOD.

Much love,

Heather Watson